Kindness,  Word of the Year

Kindness is…

Spring has sprung and we’re galloping headlong into the final quarter of 2018. Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s generally the busiest time of the year, so I decided that a recap of what I’ve learned about kindness so far would be in order to help me focus and make it through in one piece.

So here we go … kindness is …

Kindness is taking time to stop and to appreciate the blossoms on the tree that are there for such a short time. This is my tree out the back, and even as I type the wind is making the petals drift down like snow.

Kindness is not getting angry at the little person having a tantrum in the doctor’s office. He is having a bad day, his mother looks like she is too. I’ve been there, I know what it feels like. Smile and pull silly faces at the kid instead. This applies equally to adults behaving like children and having tantrums, however pulling faces may get you punched.

Kindness is cutting myself the same kind of slack when I am having a bad day. Pulling faces at myself in the mirror is optional.

Kindness is understanding that challenges don’t last forever. Take the long view.

Kindness is knowing that understanding the context of a challenge brings perspective and compassion for self and for others.

Kindness is understanding that if I give into the feeling of overwhelm, I have willingly given it power over me. I am allowing myself to be shoved around by something or someone that has no right to do that. Giving away control is not being kind to me.

Kindness is knowing that I will get swept away with it all from time to time, but that eventually I will be able to get out of the stream, figure out where I am, and chart a new course.

Kindness is routines and patterns.

Kindness is avoiding chaos where possible.

Kindness is understanding that if I treat myself well and with respect, that it is far easier to treat others with kindness.

Kindness is protecting my energy and resources, balanced with fulfilling my moral obligation to help others.

Kindness is saying ‘no’ from time to time.

Kindness is understanding that I am human; imperfect and deeply flawed. There are times that I am not kind to others or myself, but recognising that the general trend is towards kindness and that I am heading in the right direction.

Kindness is understanding that perfection is unattainable and can be crippling.

Kindness is understanding that action is always better than inaction.

Kindness is letting someone experience the consequences of their actions so that they can grow and learn.

Kindness is not always warm and fuzzy.

Kindness is understanding that there is no before or after, there is only DURING … live now and stop wasting time.

Kindness is balance in all things.

Kindness is also not squishing the bug that kamikazes into your wine glass when you fish him out.


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